About Tech Insurance Ontario

We provide specialized business insurance to IT consultants, software developers, and many other Information Technology companies.

We provide specialized business insurance to IT consultants, software developers, and many other Information Technology companies.

From the Disco Era into the AI Era

Our company’s history began over 4 decades ago - in 1976 - as a small, family-owned start-up with the same noble mission that guides us today:

To help our clients build strong, personalized Insurance Protection Plans to safeguard what matters most: their families, their homes, their assets and their businesses.

Changing How Tech Firms Buy Insurance

Over a decade ago, it became evident that the unstoppable growth of the tech industry brought with it a need for specialized insurance coverage.

Traditional business insurance was not going to be enough to protect Information Technology firms from unique, emerging risks. - And to think that many of these risks didn't even exist a couple of decades earlier! 

Fast forward to today, add a little 'self-disruption' ... and voilà: 

You can now get an online quote in seconds and your new business insurance policy shows up in your e-mail inbox a few minutes.

Of course, if your situation is bit more complex (contract requirements, coverage concerns, etc.) or if you simply prefer to work one-on-one with a specialist, you can definitely do so. 

"Unlike previous brokers I dealt with, Eddie walked me through every requirement, and every step of the process. He actually made applying for insurance enjoyable (which is odd, I know) and provided me tremendous peace of mind."

Michael Shuster
CEO, Ferroque Systems

What Sets Us Apart
(And How It Benefits You)

The name Tech Insurance Ontario says it all:
we are tech insurance specialists.

But when we tell people that we have dedicated technology insurance advisors, we usually get a blank stare, followed by:

What's the difference?
Isn't it all just business insurance anyway?

Actually …. it’s not. 

Think about it. There’s insurance for pretty much everything and for all kinds of very different businesses (restaurants, mining operations, farms) - You name it.

That means that there are thousands of different types of policies with unique coverage and unique exclusions. So, it’s impossible for any one insurance advisor to have deep knowledge about all of them.

It’s like when you hire a programmer: would you advertise a position for “any programmer” or for a programmer with expertise in the programming language you need.

So, by focusing on just “tech insurance“, our business insurance specialists are able to invest a considerable amount of time and resources learning about your industry.

We know:

  • Which insurers offer the most comprehensive coverage and the best rates for your type of business.
  • Which insurance companies to turn to for specialized coverage needs
  • And which insurers provide the best claim service

The result is a win-win situation:

Tech Insurance Ontario benefits from the opportunity to do business with you, and you benefit from our  focused expertise.

Hint: You want your business insurance advisor to be very knowledgeable because, after all, it’s your business that you’re looking to properly insure and protect.

Need Full Service?

Marhen Insurance Brokers also has advisors with the expertise and resources to look after the personal insurance needs (home, auto, boat, etc.) of our clients.

This allows you to have all your assets protected under “one umbrella”, thus avoiding dangerous gaps in coverage and consistently enjoying the high a level of service you deserve.

"You have NodeBB‘s best interest in mind and offer top-notch service. You are always available when we need you either via email, phone call , in person (or even WhatsApp). We are so grateful for your thoroughness and time spent with us to make sure we have the coverage plan we need."

Eda Usakli
Operations Manager, NodeBB Inc.

We Work for You

Marhen Insurance is a proud member of IBAO

Marhen Insurance Brokers (and its Tech Insurance Ontario division) is an independent insurance brokerage. “Independent” means we’re not tied to any specific insurance company.

You see, if a non-independent agency or bank division only sells one-size-fits-all policies, all you can get there is a one-size-fits-all policy. But you might be better off with a policy that fits you, not anybody else.  If it fits better it might protect you better and that's what it's all about.

Therefore,  when you choose us as your insurance advisors, you know you’re working with someone who works for you, and that we’ll work hard to find the insurance companies that offer the best combination of value and protection for your business.

We're Here to Help

We're thrilled to have you here, and look forward to helping you protect your business.  

If you have any questions regarding this website, our company, our insurance products and services or confusing insurance requirements in a contract, please, do not hesitate to contact me directly at 416-255-3728 ext 223.

You can also reach me on LinkedIn

Eddie Rodriguez, CAIB
Technology Insurance Practice Leader
Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker
Registered Insurance Broker (ON)

PS:  We're confident that you'll be delighted with our process which -  by the way - doesn't end when you buy a policy. Au contraire, getting your policy is just the beginning of a journey of outstanding value, practical education and excellent service. 

Insuring your tech business
now easier than ever

Get started now

 Get a Quote    ✓ Customize It      You're Insured!

Insuring your tech business
now easier than ever

Get started now

 Get a Quote   ✓ Customize It     You're Insured